Always curious …. #art love stuff like this
Voila magic ! Yup
#bethhumphrey #nipplespierced
Yes I am and this is a fix I need daily and of every genre ….
I’m alive …
Always do …
Good night world
And when you least expect it you’ve been beside the enemy all along …. That’s another life lesson
#freedom always obsessed with the idea of freedom but don’t forget it’s all mental the state of freedom not always physical
Good morning world !
Watching #dallasbuyersclub
Y’all can deny it all you want but why would a couple have one account …. Everyone deserves space of their own and privacy … And if two people had their own accounts why should they join after some time … Lmao not me and my girl that’s for sure ! Sorry but your relationship will soon end unless you both love the psycho relationship of not being trusted lol
#tbtfacts so true
#tbt #johhnycash
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